The history of Football Club Johnville goes from the football club’s founding in 1959 and up to current time. FC Johnville, also known simply as “Johnville” and familiarly as “John”, is based in Johnville, Johns park, Waterford. As of 2010, Johnville has never been relegated from The junior League, a record they share with Bohs and arch-rival Villa.

The history of Johnville has often been political. Though it is a club created and run by foreigners, Johnville gradually became a club associated with Johnnies values. In Ireland  transition to autocracy in 192.The stadium of FC Johnville became one of the few places the people could express their dissatisfaction. In the 2000s–a period of sporting success in the club and an increased focus on Local players development of many ages.

Since it began all them years ago, there was only ever one policy, everyone must enjoy there football, surprisingly this has led the club a long way. Back to the team of 1960s. A group of young lads approached the club to start doing under-age teams. That year the club put a under 11 team into the schoolboy league, that year the team that was entered went on to win the league and cup without losing a single game. This same team went onto win three Munster titles and two all Ireland Titles. This was the kickstart of putting this local club on the map and made the club into what it is today.


The Team of the 1960’s